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The new CAAM Fellowship Program, supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, is a year-long career and project development opportunity with a focus on nurturing mentor-fellow relationships within the Asian American documentary community in partnership with the A-Doc Network (Asian American Documentary Network). This is an opportunity to nurture and uplift Asian American documentary film producers and directors. The Program will select three to five Fellows each year, and the application process for the 2020 Fellowship is now open until November 18, 2019.

The seed for this new fellowship came from several convenings of Asian American documentary filmmakers throughout 2016 and 2017. Working with this active group of Asian American documentary filmmakers, CAAM identified that an ongoing lack of resources was creating a thin foundational base for Asian American social issues storytellers. Emerging filmmakers lacked start-up funds and mid-career talent faced obstacles to top-tier opportunities. Most importantly, the community-wide replicable model of investing and reinvesting in the Asian American social issues documentary space has yet to be created.

By developing Asian American documentary filmmakers and helping them tell stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible, CAAM believes that we can stimulate an engaged Asian American civic discourse that is needed widely at this time to enable transformative change.  


The new CAAM Fellowship Program, which will be offered to three to five fellows per year, is a year-long career and project development opportunity for Asian American social issues filmmakers. CAAM’s Fellowship Program will create the space for a fulfilling relationship between veteran and emerging media makers and incorporate opportunities to participate in documentary markets and other professional development events. The program will include monthly meetings between mentors and fellows, two full cohort gatherings, three mentor-led masterclasses, and more. The core cohort convening for the Fellowship will take place at CAAMFest 2019, where fellows will learn the art of the pitch and have the opportunity to pitch their works at the Filmmaker Summit.  


This Fellowship Program is designed specifically for the next generation of the Asian American social issues documentary filmmakers, prioritizing emerging and mid-career filmmakers from under-represented geographies and identities within the Asian American community. We will be looking for Asian American documentary directors and producers, but also seeking out cinematographers, editors and other creatives in the field who are looking to make the transition into directing or producing.

CAAM’s vision has always been to support a community of media makers to nurture careers and creativity in the field of documentary film. Our new Program goal is to expand our reach and to serve makers in the Asian American landscape from a diversity of backgrounds, identities and geographies — especially those ethnicities that are currently under-represented, like Southeast Asian. The goal is to nurture not only the Fellows projects and careers but also contribute to a community of makers that is eager to support one another and uplift the quality of filmmaking across the board.


Now accepting applications! Please visit Submittable to apply. The deadline for the 2020 CAAM Fellowship application is Monday, November 18, 2019.


mediafund [at] caamedia [dot] org