Thank You To Our Supporters

The Center for Asian American Media is grateful for all of the generous individual and institutional partners that make our work possible. We thank the following supporters that invest in bringing Asian American stories to light!


Members and Individual Donors

We are thankful for the many members and donors from far and wide who support CAAM’s mission to present purposeful media and nurture AAPI storytellers to reach further heights. We’d like to extend a special thank you to the following individuals for their core contributions between October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022:

Amalia Aboitiz
Atsushi Murase
Bob and Yvonne Uyeki
Bonnie Wong
Brent Quan Hall and Kyla Westphal
Christopher and Cindy Au
Crystal Jang and Sydney Yeong
Cynthia Der and Ryan Coombs
David and Cheryl Jackson
David and Linda Lei
David Gong and Mira Yoon
David Tu and Kristl Lee
Dipti Ghosh and Meggy Gotuaco
Elizabeth Foster-Chao and Nolan Chao
Erica Eng
Eunice and Donald Chee
Hanson and Terri Li
Honda Family
James Bao and Gwen Uyen Nguyen
Jamie and Steve Chen
Jamila Hunter
Jason Chandra
Jessie Cheng Charitable Foundation
Joel Zadak
Julia and Scott Smith
June Lee Tom and Ted Tom
Junko Shimoji
Karen Chang
Karen Kao
Kathy Owyang Turner
Lalit Balchandani and Tracy Stampfli
Lau Family Fund
Len Christensen and Bernadette Kim


Lily L. Chow
Lisa Nishimura and Gregory Seese
Mad Rabbits Riot Club x Tom Yoo
Marie Lee
Moitri Ghosh and Nekisa Cooper
Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design
Myong Leigh and Mark Haugen
Naja Pham Lockwood and David Lockwood
Neil Araki
Nina Loh
Patti and Hans Rockenwagner
Paula Williams Madison and Roosevelt Madison
Penelope Wong and Tim Kochis
Phil and Betty Chang
Ravi Chandra
Raymond Sbarra
Renee Tajima-Peña
Richard Chin and Christina Hyun
Robert Joseph Louie Memorial Fund
Rosalind and Sung-hou Kim
Rosemarie and Tae Hea Nahm
Runpeng Liu
Stephen Gong and Susan Avila
Susan Jin Davis
Susan Weeks and David A. Coulter
Teresa Maloney
The Simon and Ann Chen Foundation
Vincent Pan
Vmin Soulmate FanZine
Win Son Bakery
Xun Xiang

We regret any errors or omissions. Please contact 415.836.0814 x 300 or developmentassociate[at] caamedia [dot] org for any corrections.