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Student Delegate Blog: Love and Bicycle Parts

For my last evening in dreamy San Francisco, I decided to expose myself to as many artists’ work as possible. I went to see TAINTED LOVE and SILENT RITUALS AND HOVERING PROXIES back-to-back – two collections of shorts offered by SFIAAFF.

Student Delegate Blog: All Good Things Come to An End

The weekend wrap up of the 29th annual SFIAAFF in San Jose had a great turn=out despite the rainy weather overhead! Many films were screened in the South Bay at Camera 12 theaters such as MADE IN INDIA, WHEN LOVE COMES, SURROGATE VALENTINE and BREAK UP CLUB.

Student Delegate Blog: Tainted Valentine

First things first: I am a hopeless romantic. I swoon at musicals, clutch my heart during quirky rom-coms, break out the tissues during tear-jerking scenes. That said, I accidentally-on-purpose chose to back-to-back, love-themed screenings: TAINTED LOVE (the cleverly named shorts program) and SURROGATE VALENTINE (the closing night film).


SURROGATE VALENTINE is the SFIAAFF Closing Night film for San Francisco. Bay Area music stalwart Goh Nakamura plays “Goh,” a low-key indie rocker on tour with a sycophantic Hollywood actor. When he reconnects with a longtime friend (Lynn Chen), he is forced to make some bold decisions about his life. From the director of WHITE ON RICE.