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Do you enjoy humorous, tear jerking chick flicks? Are you looking for the perfect date movie? If so, don’t miss out on the BREAK UP CLUB.

By Darlene Rabena

Do you enjoy humorous, tear jerking chick flicks? Are you looking for the perfect date movie? If so, don’t miss out on the BREAK UP CLUB (Fan Sau Suet Oi Nei) directed by Barbara Wong. Set in the modern streets of Hong Kong, the film uses mockumentary shots to show the ups and downs of Joe (played by Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan) and his girlfriend Flora’s (Fiona Sit) on-and-off relationship. This film satisfies both of my following requirements for a successful chick-flick: 1) the lovers actually seem in love with each other; and 2) the story line isn’t overtly predictable.  First, Chan and Sit make an extraordinary performance, allowing the audience to truly relate to the highs and emotional lows of being in love and getting your heart broken.  Second, the film contained enough plot twists to leave you pleasantly surprised and if not fully satisfied, at least appreciative of its unique portrayal of young love.

I was also able to see Bertha Bay-Sa Pan’s ALMOST PERFECT, briefly discussed in Naweet’s previous blog.  I’d recommend this film if you enjoy films that incorporate a complex family dynamic.  Kelly Hu, who plays Vanessa Lee, successfully portrays the internal struggle of trying to satisfy her family’s expectations and trying to follow her own heart.

You can still catch both of these films this weekend at the Camera theater in San Jose.

Darlene is a participant in this year’s Verizon Student Delegate Program.


  • Break Up Club was definitely a really great genre blurring film! The fact that Fiona and Jaycee are/were really dating in real life and that Barbara Wong played herself in the movie was a wonderful twist. I agree that it would be either a great date movie or a good break up movie. Also the last part of the film was great as it tied up all the lose ends. Almost Perfect was also a worthy watch! And not to mention a few of the delegates got to meet/take a picture with Edison!

  • I just saw THE BREAK UP CLUB in San Jose tonight and Darlene is right: it’s a must see! Not only does it cause strange palpitations of heart, THE BREAK UP CLUB is also immensely funny and cleverly self-reflexive. The two characters are absolutely lovable and their relationship is oh-so-precious. What also struck me the most was the subtle commentary on documentation of a relationship through video, text messages, internet, notes, and souvenirs. How can love be captured? And if it is, is such an accurate depiction?

    With an awesome premise, wonderful acting, adorable plot twists, and just overall great direction (utilization of digital cameras), THE BREAK UP CLUB tells an entertaining story while pushing us to question what sustains and creates love.

  • Nice review on the break-up club! I’m a big fan of both Fiona Sit and Jaycee Chan, so I’m excited to watch this. Hopefully I can find this on DVD or netflix.

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