CAAM Presents


SURROGATE VALENTINE is the SFIAAFF Closing Night film for San Francisco. Bay Area music stalwart Goh Nakamura plays “Goh,” a low-key indie rocker on tour with a sycophantic Hollywood actor. When he reconnects with a longtime friend (Lynn Chen), he is forced to make some bold decisions about his life. From the director of WHITE ON RICE.

Student Delegate Blog: Cerebral Work!

LIVING IN THE SEDUCED CIRCUMSTANCES – A cerebral work by the auteur filmmaker Ian Gamazon takes the audience into a different cinematic realm. The quirky narrative keeps the audience on the edge.

Student Delegate Blog: Suh-weeeet Suite Chinatown!

Over the course of one’s life, one will encounter numerous Chinatowns—each with its own peculiarities. Be it the historical importance of a long-gone Laundromat or the specific taste of your favorite egg tart, each Chinatown evokes a different series of emotions and memories in each person.

Catch AMIN in San Jose

If you missed the world premiere of AMIN in San Francisco, you can catch a screening of the documentary in San Jose. Director Shahin Parhami will be in attendance.

Student Delegate Blog: One Kine Day on the Dooman River

We managed to visit the tropical beaches of Hawaii, the desolate ice wastelands of China, and also discuss the future of Vietnamese cinema with Vietnam’s own “Bradalinga”—Ngo Tranh and Johnny Tri Nguyen—which shows the incredible diversity of Asian and Asian-American films in the 29th annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.


THE TAQWACORES is playing at the 29th SF International Asian American Film Festival. Check out the trailer. Director Eyad Zahra will be in attendance.

Student Delegate Blog: Welcome!

The light goes dim, the music takes over and the images start to flicker on the screen. The audience gets immersed in the stories. Giggle, silence, disturbed, mixed emotions spread the auditorium.