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Everyone tells you that you can’t make a film by yourself. So true. But while it’s absolutely crucial to have a wonderful camera crew and editing team, it also really helps to have an awesome film organization (or two) backing you up. For this project, we have had amazing support from CAAM, and I want to spend some time bragging about them… (FYI, CAAM did not put me up to this; this is completely my own doing.)


Added film: A Battle of Wits

Just added! A Battle of Wits, a spectacular epic drama starring Andy Lau, will screen on Saturday, March 15, 9:15pm at Castro Theatre.


Added Film: Kissing Cousins

Don’t miss this added film, which you won’t find on the printed guides: The world premiere of Amyn Kaderali’s romantic comedy Kissing Cousins.

Principal Edward Tom

WHATEVER IT TAKES: The Man and the Mission

For those of you who have been keeping track of this blog about my film “Whatever It Takes”, let me first apologize for being a bad, bad blogger these past four weeks. I do have a decent excuse, though, because I was incredibly busy planning some fundraising events in three different cities. As someone who has never done this before, let’s just say that it was (and continues to be) a mighty difficult undertaking.


TRE Opens in SF

Eric Byler’s TRE, winner of SFIAAFF’s Special Jury Award last year, opens at the 4 Star Theatres in San Francisco.