SPARROW at the 4 Star Theatre

Johnnie To’s SPARROW is a love letter to Hong Kong with intricately choreographed scenes and a 60’s Euro-cool soundtrack full of marimba glissandos and sparkling jazz pianos. SPARROW opens a the 4 Star Theatre on December 25th.


Gran Torino – Dirty Harry as Mr. Miyagi

Misa reviews Clint Eastwood’s latest creation “Gran Torino,” in which Eastwood plays an aging white resident in a neighborhood now populated by Hmong families.



Last month, something happened which reminded me that I’m not just making a film. In documentary, we’re not just dealing with footage that we shot a few months ago; we’re dealing with individuals whose lives continue evolve. This is real life, and sometimes things change for the better, sometimes for the worse. In this case, it was definitely the latter…

THE LAST GHOST OF WAR airs on PBS Nationwide

In THE LAST GHOST OF WAR, we meet victims who are plaintiffs in a class action suit against 32 U.S. chemical companies. These Vietnamese victims are seeking compensation and justice. The question is were these dioxin-laden herbicides chemical weapons? And if so, who should be held accountable in the wake of what was arguably the largest chemical warfare operation in history?