CAAM40 Storytellers

profiles of featured storytellers for CAAM’s 40 anniversary

CJ Hunt Explores Race in America, and His Own Life

“I’m able to enter and ride that privilege for access (to) certain spaces. You know, so when characters in the film, talk about Blacks, it is clear that they don’t believe that the person they’re talking to is Black.”

bao nguyen CAAM40 storyteller

Bao Nguyen Shows the Potential of Story Through Films

“This was a time when there weren’t iPhones or anything that kept me entertained, so I would sketch all day on the back of these invoices. I would have piles and piles of papers and these pens. Come to think of it now, these were like storyboards. In a way, because my parents made me work at their small business, I had to daydream, and it fueled my imagination.”