Interesting Projects

The Gate of Heavenly Peace now on DVD

Recently released on DVD, The Gate of Heavenly Peace, is a riveting and explosive documentary that revisits the Tianamen Square protests and explores the complex political process that led to the massive civil disobedience.

CAAM at VIFF: Discussion Session with Onir

Onir is a Mumbai based director who used multiple social networks, including Facebook, to raise production funds for his film “I AM.” In this video, Masashi asks Onir about his unique and creative fund raising process.

CAAM Member Spotlight – Ravi Chandra

CAAM is truly blessed to have many wonderful supporters and we’d love to show the world how awesome they really are. This is a shout out to you, CAAM members! Thank you for being your amazing self!

2010 01SJ Biennial

Under the theme “Build Your Own World,” ZER01 will present over the course of 4 days, from September 16-19, hundreds of artworks, performances, events, and artist talks, which not only imagine the future of the world, but begin to build it.

Vlog #3 CAAM at the Flaherty Film Seminar 2010

Time, indigeneity, ideology, and audience are all touch upon in vlog #3 of our series on the The 56th Annual Flaherty Film Seminar. This video covers day 4 of our experience at Flaherty and features Amalia Cordova, Flaherty board member and programmer at the National Museum of the American Indian, as well as Filmmakers Akosua Adoma Owusu and Michael Glawogger.


The YOU OFFEND ME YOU OFFEND MY FAMILY team is launching INTERPRETATIONS – a short film initiative to encourage aspiring filmmakers to develop their own original and unique voice.