Apply Now For The Sauce – Fellowship for Emerging Asian American Filmmakers in the South

The Sauce
Calling all emerging Asian American Filmmakers in the South! The Sauce Fellowship will support filmmakers to produce a documentary short focusing on Asian American experiences in the U.S. South. Apply by November 15, 2020

In partnership with NOVAC (New Orleans Video Access Center), CAAM is thrilled to present The Sauce, a new innovative filmmaker fellowship. The Sauce aims to engage emerging (ages 18-24) Asian American filmmakers in the American South with resources and mentorship to develop documentary short content. In establishing the fellowship, The Sauce aims to support Asian American filmmakers by connecting them with a vibrant community of creators and helping them establish careers in the field of public media. Selected filmmakers will partake in a one-year fellowship and will receive a stipend to support the creation of a nonfiction short film focusing on the experience of being Asian in the South.

See below for details on how to apply. For more information and access to the application portal, please visit

What is The Sauce?

The Sauce Fellowship is looking for young, emerging creators who have some experience in visual storytelling, but who are interested in learning the basics of documentary filmmaking in a nine month fellowship program, where they will receive resources, networking opportunities, workshops, mentorship and connection to the distribution platforms of public media.

Asian and Asian American communities have an exciting and diverse history that influences all aspects of culture in the American South –  from cuisine and architecture to dance and fashion. The cultural contributions add a flavor that is unique and undeniable: The Sauce. Unfortunately, Eurocentric ideals have historically dominated American media, limiting the portrayal of the rich and diverse history and resilience of the Asian American community. This fellowship provides a platform for Asian American stories to be lifted from a personal perspective. Our goal is to highlight the contributions of various cultural traditions and put words to challenges and wins of the Asian/Asian American communities in the South, while also expanding the pipeline of diverse creators in public media.

Am I Eligible?   

If you are ages 18-24, identify as Asian or Asian American, and live in the American South (which we are defining as Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia), and you are interested in visual storytelling, then you are eligible.  We are looking for innovative thinkers and storytellers, not necessarily people with prior experience in documentary from school or work. Although that’s cool too!  We will be selecting five fellows in 2020.

How Do I Apply?

Complete this form on Submittable, by November 15, 2020. You will find this application non-traditional.  Read it carefully, and complete with enthusiasm!

What Will the Fellowship Require of Me?

You will meet twice a month, virtually, with program leads Darcy McKinnon and Saleem Reshamwala, for sessions of two to three hours, from November 2020 to May 2020.  Schedules of seminars forthcoming. Fellows will receive a stipend for their time, and may be eligible for equipment grants as required.  Not having equipment should not prevent anyone from applying.  Completion of the fellowship will be designed to have participants leave with a completed short documentary between 5 & 10 minutes.

  • Fellows must be able to commit to the calendar of workshop and deliverables in the fellowship, and must have or have access to the minimum amount of equipment (smartphone with great camera, small DSLR camera, sound recording device) to create work at a production value for PBS digital.  
  • Fellows must be comfortable receiving production and editorial feedback on their projects, as well as some editorial changes to ensure compliance with PBS standards.
  • In no case will the fellowship support projects where the production requires activities that are not socially distanced and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will work with fellows to develop projects and standards that are in compliance.

If you have questions, please email The Sauce Project Coordinator, Anish Balahji:

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