Comcast Cinema Asian America in October

"Hollow" by Ham Tran
Check out these specially curated films on Comcast’s Cinema Asian America this October — free for on demand subscribers.

CAAM is proud to present a specially curated group of films on Comcast Cinema Asian America for October. Check out these spooky-themed Asian and Asian American films in time for Halloween. Comcast subscribers can watch these for free on X1 or XFINITY on Demand starting October 1, 2018.

To watch the films, go to XFINITY On Demand. Say “CAAM” or the titles to your X1 Voice Remote to see the featured collection. You can also search for the films on On Demand by their titles:

Hollow by Ham Tran
A family is terrorized by their dead daughter, Ai, who has come back to life possessed by a vengeful spirit.

Sameer and the Giant Samosa by Faroukh Virani
Sameer and the Giant Samosa” is a dark comedy about a newlywed Indian couple and their diverging views on marriage and tradition. A surreal turn of events reveals the groom’s true, hidden appetites.

Bad Butt by Noboru Iguchi
The touching love story of a girl, her lesbian lovers and her ass which has a face on it.

Crush the Skull by Viet Nguyen
A young couple’s car breaks down on a desolate road. When a stranger shows up out of nowhere to assist them, all signs point to one conclusion; the stranger is most likely a serial killer.

Double by Woo Ming Jin
A young woman lives in a bright, white house. Like clockwork, she goes through her daily routine. The young woman seems to exist alone in this cavernous and antiseptic environment, until one day, she is visited by another woman. She looks strangely familiar.

Grave Torture by Joko Anwar
Mourning the death of his serial killer father, a boy enters his dad’s casket and soon finds himself buried alive.

Taxi by Arianjie Az and Nadia Yuliani
On her way home late one night, Fina has no choice but to board a shady taxi. However, a devastating string of events occur along the ride in this terrifying short from Indonesia.

Vesuvius by Erik Matti
A timid man’s mundane life takes a turn when he’s awakened by a vision of the Virgin Mary.