2015 PBS Online Film Festival Starts June 15

Watch short sci-fi film Vimana, plus 24 others, at the PBS Online Film Festival.

Folks! The PBS Online Film Festival starts June 15 and runs through July 17, 2015. You’ll have a chance to watch 25 independent short films from diverse filmmakers.

CAAM is proud to be a part of the festival for a second year in a row. This year, we present Vimana, a short sci-fi film by Faroukh Virani. Vimana was an official selection of CAAMFest 2015. Previous to that, Virani participated in CAAMFest 2013’s Ready, Set, Pitch panel.

Watch Vimana online starting June 15 – and vote for it!

About Vimana
Set in the near future, three Indian astronauts are on a one-way trip to settle a distant planet, Gliese-581g. Unfortunately, the ship’s captain, Rishi, passes away after an adverse reaction to the hyper-sleep. Now it’s up to the two remaining astronauts, Pankaj and Naaz, to come together and land the vessel in his memory.

About the Director
Faroukh Virani is a Los Angeles based director/editor who has completed studies in Film Production at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts (MFA) and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (BFA). Growing up, his parents operated an Indian video rental store and the style of Bombay cinema greatly influences his sensibility and work. Faroukh is interested in bringing South Asian stories to diverse genres.