CAAM and SFIAAFF a Community of Inspiration

by Terrence Miller
2012 Student Delegate

As the SFIAAFF Student Delegate program comes to an end and having some time to reflect on my experience here within the program and the festival it truly has been amazing. From the opening night screening of White Frog at the Castro Theatre and elegant Gala Reception at the Asian Art Museum to the numerous daily film screenings and meetings with filmmakers to the entertaining after parties, one thing is for certain, and that is a real sense of community here at CAAM and the festival. Everyone involved within the festival, from the people attending the festival to the talented filmmakers, to the venues hosting, there is a strong connection that binds everyone together and that is the overall vision on representing the Asian American experience and self-identity through various stories and perspectives.

The stories being told touch the lives of Asian Americans across the globe and give Asian Americans inspiration, laughter, hope, but also create awareness and concerns for negative and sorrow issues. The stories being told collaboratively touch the hearts, minds, and souls of viewers and create a sense of self-identity for Asian Americans through media. By seeing and experiencing the dynamic atmosphere through the festival’s activities and the passion of people involved and how filmmakers turn their visions and dreams onto the big screen and impact people, it inspires you.  My time here at the festival as part of the Student Delegate Program has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful and talented people within a special community and has inspired me to make and impact for the Asian American community through film and media. Thank you CAAM and SFIAAFF!

Chosen from a competitive pool of undergraduate and graduate students, the Student Delegates are a small but diverse group of students who undergo Festival “boot camp.” Guided by Festival staff, students participate in a rigorous schedule of film screenings, discussions, and exclusive meetings with filmmakers and special guests. The program aims to cultivate the next generation of filmmakers, activists, educators, and community leaders. See all of the 2012 Student Delegates here and their blog!

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  • Nice reflection, Terry. Thank you to everyone at CAAM, Southwest Airlines, and the SFIAAFF for hosting you as a Student Delegate. I know that it was an experience of a lifetime.
    Prof. Emily Lawsin
    Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies
    University of Michigan

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