A Big Thank You to Our Community

It wouldn't be right to kick off SFIAAFF30 without a proper thanks to all of you who make this Festival happen. To our community of CAAM fans and supporters, THANK YOU!

Happy Opening Day! We wouldn’t be kicking off properly if we didn’t recognize all those who have helped us get this far – our CAAM community, made up of sponsors, donors, members, co-presenters, media partners, staff, interns & volunteers, and so many other amazing supporters. As we know, SFIAAFF is the largest Asian American Film Festival in the nation, presenting over 100 works by Asian and Asian American artists across five venues throughout the Bay Area. It is only with the support of you, our CAAM fans, that we are able to make this Festival a success! Thank you!

We put together this short video to underscore the importance of community to SFIAAFF. Special thanks to John C. Liau (videographer), Retrofit Republic (stylists), Step Heavvy (hair and make-up), the Asian Art Museum, and our lovely guests who made this video happen!