Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown

The poignant stories of three young women who vie for one of the world’s most coveted ethnic pageant titles, while struggling to reconcile the…

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The Cats of Mirikitani

“Make art not war” is Jimmy Mirikitani’s motto. This 80-year-old Japanese American artist was born in Sacramento and raised in Hiroshima, but by 2001…

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Good for Her

In GOOD FOR HER, the director looks at the heavily controversial issues surrounding the cosmetic surgery boom in Seoul, Korea. She explores, through a…

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Wet Sand: Voices from L.A.

Filmmaker Dai Sil Kim-Gibson explores the aftermath of the 1992 LA Civil Unrest in her film WET SAND. Her groundbreaking 1993 documentary SA-I-GU stands…

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