Asian American Films on Comcast on Demand in March

Still from "Once Upon a Rooftop"
The following films are offered by CAAM for free to Comcast on Demand subscribers during March.

This month, CAAM is offering the following Asian American films on Comcast on Demand. The films are free for Comcast on Demand subscribers. Check them out during the month of March by going to:

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A Leading Man

A Leading Man (2013) – Steven J. Kung, 96 minutes
When a young and talented Chinese American actor is fired from a starring role on a television show, he attempts to salvage his career by entering into a romantic relationship with a successful casting director.

The Road to Fame (2013) – Hao Wu, 80 minutes
China’s top drama academy stages the American musical “Fame”-China’s first official collaboration with Broadway-as the graduation showcase for its senior class.  They must confront complex social realities and their own anxieties, and, in the process of staging “Fame,” negotiate their own definitions of and paths to success in today’s China.Inheritance (2012) – Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, 29 minutes
Inheritance is a personal documentary film that illuminates diasporic identity formation in the shadow of Iranian gender politics and the Islamic Revolution. Inside her mother’s home, the filmmaker excavates the detritus that cushioned her splintering family as they traversed the uneven terrains of Revolution, divorce and eventually, self-imposed exile.


Once Upon a Rooftop (2010) – Sybil Wendler, 30 minutes
On a rooftop high above the bustling streets of Hong Kong, a woman practices the ancient art of tai chi as her daughter watches from the shadows. Invisible to the city below, they share their lofted home with 30 other families. All live in shanties perched precariously on top of a nine-story building. This film delivers an intimate view of life in these illegal rooftop tenements.

Employed Identity – Ham Tran (2014) – Bao Nguyen, 7 minutes
In this episode of Employed Identity, director Ham Tran shows why Vietnam is one of the fastest growing film markets in Asia and why Vietnamese American film directors like himself are flocking to make films there.

CAAMFest Sound Bites – Love X Stereo (2015) – Kar Yin Tham, 7 minutes
CAAMFest Sound Bites featuring electrifying synth-pop rockers Love X Stereo.

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