CAAM Media Fund recipient PROJECT KASHMIR Screening in NYC and LA

From directors Senain Kheshgi and Geeta V. Patel comes PROJECT KASHMIR, a feature documentary that explores war between countries and war within oneself by delving into the fraught lives of young people caught in the social/political conflict of one of the most beautiful, and most deadly, places on earth. Screening in NYC and LA in August.

Sharifea Morning


So I need to apologize again for the long absence between blog posts here… As you might imagine, things have been incredibly busy as we get to the very end of the film. Right now, we are consumed with three major tasks: finishing the edit, crafting the animation, and choosing a composer.


JOYFUL LIFE screening at the ATA

Anita Wen-Shin Chang’s Joyful Life is a feature documentary in collaboration with Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) patients residing at Taiwan’s Lo-Sheng (“Joyful Life”), one of the few remaining sanatoriums in the world, on the verge of disappearing. Due to resident, student and human rights activism, plans for total destruction have stopped. At this point, the sanatorium remains despite continued pressures from the government, private interests and local civilians to excavate.


PRINCESS OF NEBRASKA European Distribution

Director Wayne Wang’s film, PRINCESS OF NEBRASKA, has been released in Europe! The film was already released in Spain by Karma Films, but will be released in France by Diaphana next week.


Co-presentation of MATCHA DRUNKEN FIST at the Asian Art Museum

You’ve seen Jet Li do it in movies—now watch international champions Philip Wong and Zhang Hong Mei lead members of their martial arts school Pacific Wushu in an electrifying jaw-dropping performance of fierce fighting infused with complex movements, speed, and artistic expression.


Gay Korean Film NO REGRET showing in US theatres this week

The groundbreaking NO REGRET is a classic romance interwoven with a realistic depiction of class conflict and contemporary Korean gay life. The first true gay film from Korea, centers on Sumin (Lee Young-Hoon), a poor 18 year-old orphan who seeks his fortune in the bright lights of Seoul.


The (Almost) Invisible Strike

You may not have seen it on the news, but this week the service workers at the University of California campuses and hospitals have been holding a five-day strike to call for higher wages.