Share Your Lunar New Year Story with StoryCorps and CAAM

Photo by michael davis-burchat via Flickr Creative Commons:
Come and record your stories at StoryCorps, San Francisco.

CAAM is proud to partner with StoryCorps on Asian American culture and food stories. Throughout the month of January and leading up to Wednesday, February 18th, the two organizations are collecting stories about Lunar New Year traditions and food.

The recordings will culminate in a special day devoted to Lunar New Year. StoryCorps, San Francisco is excited to announce a special day of recordings to celebrate and honor the stories around Lunar New Year. On Wednesday, February 18th, StoryCorps will open the recording booth for people to share their memories of Lunar New Year. What is your first memory of Lunar New Year? What are some of the rituals and traditions you follow for Lunar New Year? What does Lunar New Year mean to you and/or your family?

We are looking for pairs of people to share their stories. You can check out StoryCorps here, and listen to some stories that have aired on NPR here. All participants go home with a copy of the recording on a CD. Some of the stories will be selected for sharing at

Contact CAAM staff member Momo Chang at momo[at] to reserve a time.

About StoryCorps
StoryCorps is a national oral history project working to record, share and preserve stories from people of all backgrounds and beliefs across the country. We are dedicated to building a national archive that reflects the diversity and richness of our communities. We believe that every story matters and that our stories deserve to be told in our own voices.

StoryCorps partners with the Library of Congress to archive stories, as well as National Public Radio to broadcast stories. In addition, at the end of each recording, participants always receive a CD copy of their conversations that they are free to make copies of and share with loved ones. Participants are free to record in any language that they would like, and record any story they wish to preserve.

The StoryCorps recording itself is a recording between two people who are important to each other in some way. Participants record a 40 minute recording, again, about anything that they would like to talk about. A StoryCorps staff member will be with participants for the whole time to orient them through the process and offer support during the recording. After the recording, we take pictures, go over Release Forms, and then participants go home with their CD that they are free to make copies of and share with others.

Main image: Photo by michael davis-burchat via Flickr Creative Commons.

Note: An earlier version mentioned that participants can take home a photo, but participants take home a CD copy of their recording.