Memoirs of A Superfan

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol 6.1

It’s time. Oh, yes, it’s time. The restlessness and giddy anticipation usually begins in December for me, and reaches a fever pitch by the time of the Festival Launch party, when the catalogs are delivered into our hot little hands. I spend an afternoon charting out my festival cruise, an afternoon which mixes joy, frustration, accommodation, bargaining and a twinge of disappointment, as I realize that despite my best attempts, I can’t see absolutely everything.

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 5.5: TIBET IN SONG

I recently saw TIBET IN SONG at the Lumiere. It plays until 11/18 at the Lumiere, and I highly recommend it. (There will be a DVD release next February.) Filmmaker Ngawang Choephel traveled to Tibet in the late 90’s to document folk music.

Memoirs of a Superfan, Volume 5.5:  Kit Hui on Fog

Kit Hui’s FOG premiered at the Kabuki and Viz this weekend. I loved this film for its understated, subtle poignancy. Before the festival, I had an email exchange with Kit Hui, who makes her writing/directing debut with this film.