Jasmine Cho’s Cookies Give a Taste of the “Asian Americans” Series

Asian American documentary series cookies
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho

Get a taste of the upcoming Asian Americans documentary series that will be aired on PBS May 11-12, 2020 with these amazing cookies baked and decorated by artist, author, and cookie activist Jasmine Cho of Yummyholic. Cho caught national attention for her detailed designs that call attention to Asian American and Pacific Islander heroes.

Check out the designs and keep an eye out for these faces as you watch the episodes on your local PBS station and read on to find out how you can learn how to decorate cookies from Jasmine herself…

Anna May Wong cookie
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




Anna May Wong was the first Asian American actress to make it big in Hollywood. But there’s more to this Chinese American star than the Dragon Lady stereotype …


Sessue Hayakawa
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




Like Wong, Sessue Hayakawa  was often relegated to roles where he played the villain. Watch Asian Americans for a nuanced look at why this pioneering Japanese American actor sometimes relished the opportunity to play the bad guy.


Larry Itliong cookie
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




Did you know that Filipino Americans were critical to the labor movement that birthed the United Farm Workers? Learn more about Larry Itliong and the alliances he forged with Latino farm workers.


Patsy Mink cookie
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




Patsy Mink not only wrote Title IX, ensuring equal access for women in education, but she defied expectations over and over during her journey from Hawaii to Washington D.C. Find out how she was truly ahead of the majority…


Erika Lee
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




We tapped the nation’s leading scholars, like University of Minnesota history professor Erika Lee, help tell the stories of the Asian Americans who came before us. See if you can spot them all!



Dalip Singh Saund



Who was the first Indian American elected to Congress? Why, that would be Dalip Singh Saund, who represented California’s Imperial County in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


Viet Thanh Nguyen cookie
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




Pulitzer Prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen doesn’t sugar coat things when talking about the refugee experience in America.


Hari Kondabolu cookie
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




Comedian Hari Kondabolu gets serious about what it’s like to be a brown man in post 9/11 America.


Tamlyn Tomita cookie




Actress Tamlyn Tomita helps to tell the stories of Asian Americans, but can you spot her in the series?



Daniel Dae Kim cookie
Image Credit: Jasmine Cho, Yummyholic




You’ll hear Daniel Dae Kim‘s voice in the series, but will those cheekbones make an appearance? (Hint: some of these are trick questions)





Watch this video to see how Jasmine creates cookie magic!

Asian Americans is a co-production of CAAM and WETA, premiering on PBS May 11-12, 2020 at 8/7C. Go to PBS.org to find your local station.


Cookie Time with Jasmine Cho

Jasmine Cho

Inspired now? Want to learn how you can become a cookie activist? Join us during CAAMFest Online: Heritage at Home for the Cookie Time with Jasmine Cho event on Thursday, May 21 for an interview and live demo of her decorating techniques. This digital event is free, but space is limited so RSVP to ensure your space!