CAAMFest Explores Historical and Cultural Intersections of Asian and Black Communities

Director Jivan Atman lifts performance as testimony in a multimedia presentation that emerged from a collaboration between Morehouse and Spelman College students in "Blasian Narratives."
CAAMFest 2017 programs explore the connections between Asian and Black communities.

CAAMFest 2017 explores the connections between Asian and Black communities, examining historical, ideological and genealogical threads that intertwine to create something both new and familiar.


GOOK​ – part of the Asian American Narrative Competition ● Directed by Justin Chon ● West Coast premiere ● Fresh from Sundance and drawn from his own childhood experience, Justin Chon’s sophomore directorial film shines a light on the Korean American experience during the 1992 L.A. Uprising. The film follows two Korean American brothers as they struggle to maintain their family’s shoe repair shop and their unlikely friendship with a young African American girl. Set against brewing tensions in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict, GOOK highlights the continued relevance of the riots 25 years later.

BLASIAN NARRATIVES​ ​- part of CAAMFest’s East Bay kickoff at OMCA ● Created by Jivan Atman ● World premiere ● Lifts performance as testimony, unraveling the complexity of Black and Asian relations — in tension and solidarity — through monologue and conversation. The multimedia presentation emerges from a collaboration between Morehouse and Spelman College Blasian students. ● Ring in our fourth year of programming with the Oakland Museum of California, celebrating the beauty and complexity of mash-ups in true Bay Area fashion. Enjoy half-off museum admission, curbside cuisine from Off the Grid food trucks, art workshops for the whole family and music from our favorite Blasian DJs. End the evening with BLASIAN NARRATIVES, live spoken-word performances and a conversation.

BAD RAP​ ​- part of Directions in Sound ● Directed by Salima Koroma ● Asian American rappers Awkwafina, Dumbfounded, Rekstizzy and Lyricks break ethnic and music-industry stereotypes in this musically-minded documentary showing at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Features live performances from the film’s highlighted artists.


BROWN GIRLS​, by Fatimah Asghar, is a web series that follows two women as they navigate relationships, families, sexual orientations and the messiness of their mid-20s.

CARDINAL X​, by Angie Wang, revisits the 80s, where a young woman loses her college scholarship and begins a double life as student/Ecstasy-manufacturer to make ends meet.

GUANGZHOU DREAM FACTORY​, by Christiane Badgley, captures the dreams of striking it rich in China, and how they spread to, influence and impact people living in Africa

MIXED MATCH, by Jeff Chiba Stearns, is an intimate look at the complex challenges facing multiracial individuals searching for a bone marrow donation match.


Ticket prices for regular screenings range from $12-$14, excluding special events and galas. Tickets can be purchased by CAAM Members online beginning February 9 and open to the general public on February 13. All attendees can purchase tickets at the CAAMFest box office at the Alamo Drafthouse beginning March 3. Learn about member pricing, discounts and more on the Box Office & Ticketing Information webpage.

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