Comcast on Demand Films in February

Watch these CAAM-curated films on XFINITY on Demand: "100 Days," "Love, NY," "Sounds We Have No Letter For," and "Taste in Guys."

Update 2/13/17: The films are now available online through XFINITY Asia through the Valentine’s Day Collection, starting today and through the end of the month! Available to subscribers.

CAAM is thrilled to present 100 Days, Love, NY, Sounds We Have No Letter For, and Taste in Guys on Comcast’s XFINITY Asia this month! To watch the films, go to XFINITY On Demand/International/Valentine’s Day Collection. You can also search for the films on On Demand by their titles.

100 Days | Dir. Henry Chan


When a cold hearted telecommunications executive returns to his small island town for his estranged mother’s burial, he
learns about the the true Taiwanese tradition that mandates him to marry within 100 days so that the parent’s spirit can
transition peacefully. When a typhoon leaves him stranded for 3 days, he rekindles romance with his free spirited, childhood
sweetheart who is engaged to marry a local villager/step brother.

Taste in Guys | Dir. Michelle S. Yu


A girl’s journey to find her true love by finding a guy with same taste.

Sounds We Have No Letters For | Dir. Bernard Badion


Love, NY | Dir. Vincent Lin


A jaded bartender takes lost tourist on an unforgettable adventure in the city that never sleeps.

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