Volunteer for CAAMFest 2016!

Seeking passionate volunteers for the biggest Asian American film festival. Meaningful experiences and fun guaranteed. CAAMFest is March 10-20, 2016 in San Francisco and Oakland.

On March 10th – 20th, 2016 there will be an amazing film festival that takes place in the Bay Area. For the past 33 years, CAAMFest (once known as the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival) has exhibited films from all over Asia and the Bay Area in the service of our mission, to convey the richness and diversity of the Asian American experience to the Bay Area film audience in the broadest way possible. In other words, we look to make Asian and Asian American film events exciting and rewarding.This type of exhibition immediately makes lasting impactful change on the way that we see each other, especially in such a vibrant place like the Bay Area. So, why am I writing to you? In order to put together a 11 day festival, full of amazing films in the Bay’s most progressive venues, as a nonprofit organization that also distributes media and educates our youth, we need volunteers. They are the lifeblood of our festival.

In other words, we want you. We want your energy, passion for film, and time. We know that you could volunteer anywhere, but we believe that with the amount of fun work available in the hippest cinema venues like the Alamo Drafthouse, Roxie Theater, and of course the Castro (among many others) we not only provide a great place to fulfill your volunteer needs, but we do so with a sense of family and fun.

We also want to make your volunteer experience meaningful and allow you opportunities to engage with people and content that matters most to you. This means that we have a generous ticket per hours worked policy that will ensure that you get to attend a few meaningful programs. You will also receive an official festival t-shirt. The impact of your service though, is the ultimate reward. To thank you for your hard work, CAAM will provide a Volunteer Appreciation Party with refreshments, raffles, and more!

The work that you do will enable conversations and healthy exchanges that will shape hearts and minds about Asian American issues in our community and further enable all of us to contribute to the great cultural landscape of our Bay Area.

We hope that you plan to volunteer at CAAMFest 2016! Register Online: www.shiftboard.com/caam

After reading this, if you still have any questions, please feel free to email our Volunteer Coordinator, Malinda O’Brien, at volunteeradmin@caamedia.org, and you may email me with any additional questions at plorenzo@caamedia.org. For more information, see our flyer.

Warmest Regards,


Phillip Lorenzo                         Malinda O’Brien

Operations Manager                Volunteer Coordinator