Michelle Krusiec on Finding a Mentor

Michelle Krusiec shares her experience of being a CAAM Fellow.

I threw up on Sandra Tsing Loh yesterday. Having been given the challenging of mentoring me, we had, in my opinion the only meeting we could have had as strangers where she basically asked, “start from the beginning.” How gracious. And so I threw up on her. Not literally but figuratively. It was in increments. Sometimes there was flow. Sometimes it puddled up. Sometimes I just dry heaved. Like a dog that makes that awful sound where their entire torso regurgitates. It wasn’t pretty, but Ms. Loh didn’t bat an eye. She encouraged me to eat my croissant.

Since I’m no longer at the beginning of my career which she congratulated me on, there was a lot to cover and a lot to reign in. Now that I’m a mother, precious time is the factor because I’m a working mom, so knowing what to tackle and how to tackle it has become the newest “shiny eye” of my day. If you’ve seen Made in Taiwan,  you may understand that reference. I’m performing it at SOC (Shakespeare Orange County) in September by the way.

I feel incredibly blessed to be the screenwriting fellow as part of this year’s CAAM Fellowship. To whet your appetites for whatever my fellowship will procure, listen to this incredibly helpful panel discussion on sustainability that all the Fellows attended during CAAMFest.

Karin Chien moderates a discussion on sustainability.
Karin Chien moderates a discussion on sustainability

The panel consisted of Johanna Lee (Writer, former Fellow), Steve Tao (Producer, Bad Robot), Claire Aguilar (VP ITVS), Angela Cheng Caplan (Literary Manager), Soman Chainani (Writer, former Fellow). I’ve attended and participated in numerous entertainment related panel discussions and this was by far, one of the best I’ve heard, primarily because it was short, concise and moderated by the very articulate and astute producer/founder of the program Karin Chien. Girl crush. I know, I have many. Enjoy!

Michelle Krusiec is a 2014 CAAM Fellow in screenwriting. This is reposted from Michelle Krusiec’s blog, which includes an audio recording of the CAAM Fellows Showcase panel. 

Main image: Michelle Krusiec in Made in Taiwan.