Nice Girls Crew Season 1 on YouTube, Ready for Season 2?

It’s finally here!!! Nice Girls Crew is now on the CAAM Channel. Check back weekly for a new episode in this 5 part series!

Nice Girls Crew is a raunchy Bridesmaid meets-Arrested Development, no-holds-barred comedy series starring an all-star cast of actresses (Sheetal Sheth as Leena, Michelle Krusiec as Geraldine, and Lynn Chen as Sophie)!

The team is now raising funds for SEASON 2 of Nice Girls Crew, which will introduce juicy new characters (TBD)! Donate today to help make this series a reality and screen it to a wider audience! You’ll also receive some awesome perks. Be the first to receive DVDs of Nice Girls Crew Season 1&2 ($50) or limited edition Nice Girls Crew poster ($100). At higher levels, enter into a raffle for a walk-on role in NGC Season 2 and join the show creators for a special lunch ($250) or attend a private reception with the cast & crew ($500)! Donate here:

Episode 1: Out of Order

In the first book club meeting, the girls discuss Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban! (Or try to anyways).

Episode 2: Count Chocula of Venice Beach

Book: Count of Monte Cristo. Leena surprises everyone with a display of her “accidental genius,” while Geraldine regresses to some good ole fashioned playground taunting. But the real shocker of the session is Sophie’s surprising depth of imagination. #RevengeSophieStyle

Episode 3: The Byronic Hero

This week, the girls dissect Dave Eggers’ A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. But where one finds the memoir moving, others have a sliiightly different interpretation, taking shots at everyone from the Girl Scouts to Donald Draper.

Episode 4: Hoot N Holla

IN EPISODE 4, spoken word gets a once over as the girls perform the notorious poetry collection HOWL, by Allen Ginsberg.

Episode 5: Castle in the Sky

Nothing says team building like some strong prescription medication in this final episode of NICE GIRLS CREW, SEASON 1.

Nice Girls Crew is a production of the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM). Created/written by Christine Kwon and directed/written by Tanuj Chopra.

Twitter: @nicegirlscrew, #nicegirlscrew

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