San Jose Summer Showcase August 16-18

CAAM presents the San Jose Summer Showcase, a 3-day film series featuring 15 exceptional Asian and Asian American works from around the globe, from local shorts to international features. Fans of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) will have the chance to revisit their favorite films and see bold new works. Join us at the San Jose Museum of Art and Camera 3 Cinemas.

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Film schedule

Thursday August 16
5-8pm: Short Film Series: GRACELAND

Friday August 17
9pm: New American Filmmakers National Film Tour Reception

Saturday August 18
3pm: BEIJING TAXI (preceded by CHIEF)
6pm: Au Revoir Taipei
9pm: Skateistan


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Thursday, August 16

SJMA Short Films Series: Graceland

Location: San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA)
Time: 5-8pm (screening at 6pm)
Cost: $5 (free to SJMA and CAAM members)
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The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) is pleased to partner with SJMA
to present GRACELAND, a special screening of short films that will take you on a
heartwarming journey through personal stories and global experiences. The Asian
experience here and abroad has been marked by a complex history of migration,
displacement, and transition. Silent and real wars rage on, while the aftermath of
colonization has immeasurable impact on the individual and family unit. Whether
influenced by circumstance or personable choice, the idea of a better place to be
persists for migrants, refugees, and even lobsters on the run. In this collection of
award-winning and finely crafted shorts, we take a trip around the world—from
Australia to Malaysia to the United States—as we follow people in their pursuit of a
better place and a better state of being—on the path to Graceland. This program is
curated by Christine Kwon, CAAM’s Festival Managing Director.

Filmmakers will be in attendance
For full film program and info:
Short films include: Canada (Dir. Anjali Sundaram), Souvenirs from Asia (Dir. Joyce Wong),
Lobster Schmobster (Dir. Dave Quion), A Son’s Sacrifice (Dir. Yoni Brook),
South of South (Dir. Tan Chui Mui), Shangri-La (Dir. Adam Smith)
and Graceland (Dir. Anocha Suwichakornpong)

Friday August 17

The Rebel

Location: Camera 3 Cinemas (288 South 2nd Street, San Jose)
Time: 7pm
Cost: $8 Students/Seniors/CAAM Members, $10 General Admission












THE REBEL, one of Vietnam’s first big budget blockbusters, has it all: drama,
intrigue, revolution, romance, and thrilling martial arts choreography. Cuong,
portrayed by rising martial arts star Johnny Nguyen (THE CLASH, SFIAAFF29
selection) is a government agent who is out on the run with a fierce young insurgent
(played by beautiful Vietnamese pop star/model/actress Ngo Thanh Van) leading to
a number of kinetic and bone-crunching martial arts battles.


Location: Koji Sake Lounge and Restaurant (48 South 1st Street, San Jose)
Time: 9pm
Cost: Free Admission (21+)

Come out and celebrate the launch of the New American Filmmaker Tour and
CAAM’s 3-day festival in San Jose! Mingle with special guests, selected filmmakers
and fill your stomach with delicious, Japanese fusion dishes.

The New American Filmmakers program is generously supported by
the Vilcek Foundation and the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Saturday, August 18

Contemporary Asian Theater Scene (Au Revoir Taipei)
3rd I South Asian Film (Skateistan)

Beijing Taxi (preceded by “Chief”)

Location: Camera 3 Cinemas (288 South 2nd Street, San Jose)
Time: 3pm
Cost: $8 Students/Seniors/CAAM Members, $10 General Admission  |  Trailer











With the preparations for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games as the backdrop, the
feature-length documentary, BEIJING TAXI, portrays the profound transformation
of the ancient capital of China told through the eyes of three taxi drivers. Jiwan Bai,
a driver in his mid-50s, represents the older, lost generation that came of age during
the Cultural Revolution. Caixia Wei, is a mother in her mid-30s and of the younger
generation who aspires for a free-spirited life. Zhou Yi, an optimistic and content
man in his late thirties holds on to the more traditional Beijinger’s lifestyle of the

Preceded by short film, Chief
Honolulu, Hawaii: the crossroads of the Pacific. It’s the place you go if your own
island isn’t big enough. It’s the place you go to disappear. Semu is the only cab driver
in Honolulu with the rank of Chief. He ferries tourists and Japanese businessmen to
and from the airport. But his old life wants him back.

Au Revoir Taipei

Location: Camera 3 Cinemas (288 South 2nd Street, San Jose)
Time: 6pm
Cost: $8 Students/Seniors/CAAM Members, $10 General Admission












After his girlfriend leaves for Paris, lovelorn Kai (Jack Yao) spends his waking hours
studying French in a local bookstore where he meets Susie (Amber Kuo), a worker
who takes an interest in him. When an opportunity to travel to Paris to surprise his
girlfriend arises, Kai, Susie, and his best friend Gao become entangled in a whirlwind
night around Taipei filled with intrigue and adventure. AU REVOIR TAIPEI
(SFIAAFF28 selection) is both an ode to the sights and sounds of the city famous
for its night markets and vibrant culture as well as a brilliantly crafted romantic
comedy in which we learn that sometimes the thing we have been searching for all
along is right in front of us.


Location: Camera 3 Cinemas (288 South 2nd Street, San Jose)
Time: 9pm
Cost: $8 Students/Seniors/CAAM Members, $10 General Admission  |  Trailer














*Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan came to Kabul in 2007 with only a few
skateboards with them. They had an idea to set up daily sessions with kids and
connect with them through skateboarding. They began skating in an abandoned
water fountain attracting a few of the nearby children, and soon those numbers
multiplied attracting both boys and girls of all ages. These humble beginnings soon
transformed into the first school for skateboarding, they called it SKATEISTAN.
SKATEISTAN’S goal was to bring hope to those without it while at the same time
bridging the gap between gender, ethnicity, and class.

*Synopses adapted from the New American Filmmakers website

The New American Filmmakers program is generously supported by
the Vilcek Foundation and the Hawaii International Film Festival.

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