Trailblazers in Asian American Media Making

How do we navigate the barriers to funding and distribution?

From this year’s Present Future Summit, we heard from two trailblazers in media making who are telling stories from the APA community through sustainable platforms. The first speaker is Na’alehu Anthony, CEO of OiwiTV in Hawaii, the only all-Hawaiian culture & language station in Hawaii. The second is Shinae Yoon, the Executive Director of Visual Communications, which produces the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival (taking place May 10 – 20!)

Former SFIAAFF Director Chi-hui Yang introduces the speakers, and begins with Lehu who is on the forefront of developing tools to look at audiences and how to reach them.

From the organization framework of Visual Communications, Shinae Yoon discusses how VC has had to adjust and “re-make” themselves.

Below is the Q&A with¬† Na’alehu Anthony and Shinae Yoon.

The first question is from Phil Yu (aka Angry Asian Man) who asks if film festivals are still relevant.

Other questions pondered:
Do filmmakers need a win from Sundance?
Do we need “feature films”?
Where should filmmakers find validation?

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