FEST FORUM 2010 Schedule Announced!

Don’t miss the Festival’s annual day-long, outdoor fair, fun for the whole family! Enjoy live musical performances, film screenings and interactive art projects from celebrated Asian American performers and artists!


2010 SFIAAFF Festival Forum Schedule!
Don’t miss the Festival’s annual day-long, outdoor fair, fun for the whole family! Enjoy live musical performances, film screenings and interactive art projects from celebrated Asian American performers and artists! Featuring artists such as: Lordy Rodriguez, VidyA, Junior Panthers and more!

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Japantown Peace Plaza (Post Street between Sutter and Laguna Streets), San Francisco

MC: Anthem Salgado
Anthem Salgado is a multi-disciplinary artist who has performed his original solo-theater creations on the stages of Asian Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Intersection for the Arts, and Kearny Street Workshop.

All-day Interactive Art Projects:
Lordy Rodriguez
– STORY BOARDS: Interactive Digital Mapping Project
Neighborhoods change. There are always multiple narratives associated with any neigh- borhood, both new and old. Lordy Rodriguez’s interactive art project reveals the historical narratives of Japantown and integrates them with the personal stories of individuals to create a “map” of experiences. Check out Rodriguez’s booth at the Festival Forum for instructions on how to interact with this project.

Imin YehDOWNLOADABLE CRAFTS: Internet Enabled Letter-Sized Art Project
Downloadable Crafts is a forum for creating, curating and distributing arts and crafts. Works are offered as downloadable modular elements that are grey scale and can be printed on letter sized paper. Participants are invited to download, print, create, and then upload documentation of their finished work to the site for sharing.

12pm: 2010 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival Preview
FESTIVAL FORUM will offer a preview of the upcoming Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, scheduled for April 10-11, 17-18, 2010 in San Francisco Japantown. In this early look at the program for this long-standing community event, MC George Yamasaki Jr. will preside over performances by the San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Shimaoka Koto Group and Nishikawa Classic Dance Group, as well as an introduction to the candidates for the annual Cherry Blossom Queen.

2pm: Prasant Radhakrishnan’s VidyA
With an almost telepathic interplay, VidyA merges the virtuosity of Jazz with the melodic and rhythmic nuance of South Indian classical (Carnatic) music. Featuring Prasant Radhakrishnan on saxophone.

3pm: Robbie Kwock Melecio Magdaluyo Quintet
Hard-hitting post-Bop from this Bay Area quintet.
Robbie Kwock: Trumpet
Melecio Magdaluyo: Saxophones
Ron Belcher: Bass
Murray Low: Piano
Paul Van Wageningen: Drums

4pm: BWAN & MrREY
BWAN and MrREY are two social activists who happen to create music, merging universal steez of flowing compliments and eclectic, hard-hittin slappers with beats!

4:30pm Andrew Vai & Joel Dela Merced – Melodic ukelele & vocal duo
San Francisco natives Joel Dela Merced & Drew Vai are two college students who find common ground through music, bringing the jam session live and direct tearing the stage up with an island vibe!

5pm:Poison Apple Pie
Torrey Hart, Emmalee John- son-Kao, and Jasmine Stade formed Poison Apple Pie in 2008 after a session of Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. A locally grown production, all three girls attend middle school in Oakland, CA.

5:30pm Mike Lai – Choreographed Bruce Lee fight scene!

6pm: Performance by winner of SFIAAFF and Locus@ KSW’s DIY Music Video Contest! To be announced!

7pm: The Junior Panthers
With influences such as the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and the Rolling Stones, the Junior Panthers like to shake it up with their own style of raucous riffs, driving rhythms and addictive melodies.

8pm: Outdoor Film screening: ENTER THE DRAGON (Robert Clause, 1973, 99mins)
A special outdoor screening of the legendary kung-fu classic ENTER THE DRAGON, featuring Bruce Lee in his final film. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Lee’s famed “fists of fury” in outdoors in the Japantown Peace Plaza!

Curated by Kevin Chen and Kuniko Vroman


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