AMONG B-BOYS: Building Community


With documentary or even anthropological research, sometimes you hear about being an “objective”, fly on the wall… or I guess it also reaches into journalism ethics (so I’ve heard/assume). Don’t disturb the natives! They say. That’s not me, I stir sh… stuff up! I had been reflecting for a little bit today and thought about my many roles and things I’ve been doing with the film and one of those things hopefully has been building community. I’ve seen the B-Boys themselves building their community before my very eyes, but I feel like my work will help bridge the non Breaking/B-Boy Hmong community to gain some insight on the widespread nature of Breaking in their community. Another is bridging the academic community to see what’s been going on too. Already we’ve done I think three presentations with the short doc version, and can see a lot of opportunities to create dialogue when I’m done… and now just to finish up.