Why Filmmaker Bao Nguyen Supports CAAM

Filmmaker Bao Nguyen.
Filmmaker Bao Nguyen.

“When I was just starting out as a filmmaker, it was difficult at first finding both support and a community for young Asian American filmmakers like myself. After a year or two of searching, I was fortunate to attend the San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival (now CAAMFest) which allowed me to meet other filmmakers with similar experiences and finally belong to a real filmmaking community. In the years since then, CAAM has continued to support me by helping to fund my current projects and presenting my completed projects at CAAMFest. There are few organizations advocating for Asian American filmmakers and artists like CAAM so I encourage you to show your support by making a year-end donation.” –Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen is a Vietnamese American filmmaker, notable as the producer and cinematographer for 2030 (NUOC) (CAAMFest 2015) and director of the new CAAM-funded PBS web series Employed Identity, which features stories from artists and entertainers from the Vietnamese diaspora working in Vietnam.
Help us support and bring to light the compelling and authentic stories and voices of Asian American filmmakers and storytellers like Bao Nguyen by donating to CAAM’s crowdfunding campaign Connecting Community One Story at a Time by December 31st.


Main image: Bao Nguyen. Photo courtesy of Bao Nguyen.