Changing Season: A Screening on the Masumoto Family Farm

“Juicy!” “Summer!” “Mmmm!” These were some of the words used to describe the famed Masumoto peaches sampled at the community screening of Changing Season: On the Masumoto Family Farm at the Masumoto’s very own farm in Del Ray, CA.

The show, which sold out in advance, brought out 250 attendees, including the two oldest surviving Masumotos—David “Mas” Masumoto’s mother and Aunt—and the Reina sisters, who’s family worked for Mas’ father and are featured in the film. Director Jim Choi, Editor Chihiro Wimbush, co-executive producer David Hosley, and CAAM producer Donald Young were all in attendance.

What would a screening on the Masumotos be if their prized peaches did not make an appearance? Guests snacked on Masumoto peaches, Fresno State Ice Cream with Masumoto Peach brandy sauce, and homemade ginger snap cookies.

The night was not without a little thrill. During the film’s introduction, the screen deflated and collapsed in slow motion when a stake came loose. Mas came to the rescue and fired up his tractor, tethering the screen to the tractor and re-inflating it. The rest of the show went on without a hitch.

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Ashlyn Perri