Student Delegate Blog: All Good Things Come to An End


By Jessica Liu

The weekend wrap up of the 29th annual SFIAAFF in San Jose had a great turn=out despite the rainy weather overhead! Many films were screened in the South Bay at Camera 12 theaters such as MADE IN INDIA, WHEN LOVE COMES, SURROGATE VALENTINE and BREAK UP CLUB.

Some of the films that I viewed on Saturday were MADE IN INDIA and WHEN LOVE COMES. MADE IN INDIA showed an unabashed look at an American couple from Texas that decided to use a surrogate mother in India. The documentary which covers such a controversial and often times complicated situation shot in a very understated and easy way to watch the struggles of all the parties involved in creating babies of science. While the film humanizes the American parents and the Indian surrogate, Ultimately, the documentary left many wondering, (as one of the filmmaker’s voices are heard asking) “ will anyone be representing the surrogates” in a medical industry that is worth $45 million and growing?

Cut to a completely different scene, with the comedic and exciting mockumentary SURROGATE VALENTINE. Bay area musician “Goh” enhanced the viewing by performing a couple of his songs live for the movie-goers!

Speaking of combining different forms of media, the festival concluded with non other than the long anticipated BREAK UP CLUB. This film had the audience both sobbing and laughing uncontrollably! Much more than a Hong Kong take on THE TRUMAN SHOW, we were able to actually retrace and make sense of each scene that was on screen. Hidden cameras and hand-held shots blurred the lines between fiction and voyeurism as we got to witness the ugly stages of romantic relationships as well as the extremely personal moments.

With this wide array of films and the warm reception there will definitely be more to look forward to next Spring!

Jessica is a participant in this year’s Verizon Student Delegate Program.

  • Harvey Kim

    Yes! Made In India really illuminated the human aspect to what I once dismissed as an obviously immoral product of the amoral institution of science technology. Great blog post!