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memoirs of a superfan

Memoirs of a Superfan Vol. 10.8

“I was deeply moved by two films that explored shame in subtle and powerful ways. Monday was shame day at CAAMFest, but I left the Kabuki and New People feeling empowered. We can make a difference. Film matters.”

Memoirs of a Superfan Vol. 10.6

“Quan Zhao’s ‘Woman in Fragments’ starring Akemi Look is a wonderful narrative about a young dancer who must weigh her mother’s needs against her own desires.”

Memoirs of a Superfan Vol. 10.4

“All of the films in CAAMFest 2015 feature some kind of journey; the subtle light of the filmmaker illuminates a wound, a vulnerability, a need—and thus our humanity.”

Memoirs of a Superfan Vol. 10.3

“‘Top Spin’ is one of the best docs I’ve seen in a long while, combining edge-of-your-seat sports excitement with the dramas of childhood, parenting and achievement.”