Take Me Home

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Directors/Writers/Editors: David Tanner & Andrea Palpant

Narrator: Patty Duke


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Picture a boy’s face, pressed against a cold window on a train toward nowhere, his small feet stepping down into the desert landscape of a place far from home. It is 1942 and thousands of people have been taken from their homes and jobs to be placed in incarceration camps in desolate regions of the western United States.

Exploring the physical and psychological upheaval of displacement, TAKE ME HOME illustrates life behind barbed wire, the secrets of history and the lessons of freedom seen from a child’s perspective. Each moment tells a story: a boy saying goodbye to his dog, a family living in a one-room barrack with the winter wind howling through the cracks.

Carrying us across the currents of time, this documentary provides an intimate foray into the Japanese American experience of World War II – a story of exile and endurance.

Produced by North by Northwest Entertainment in collaboration with Whitworth College.

For the state of Washington public schools: this video package is available free of charge by contacting your local school district in the state of Washington.

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