The Gate of Heavenly Peace

During the spring of 1989, nightly news accounts filmed in Tiananmen Square enthralled viewers worldwide as they watched the largest popular demonstration in modern Chinese history unfold. This riveting and explosive documentary revisits these events and explores the complex political process that led to the protests and eventual Beijing massacre of June 4th.

THE GATE OF HEAVENLY PEACE was directed by Carma Hinton, who was born and raised in China, and Richard Gordon, who has been involved with many films about China as a director, producer or cinematographer. With an international group of scholars and participants in the events of 1989, they have spent six years investigating this important and intriguing story.

A 150-minute version produced in association with WGBH/Frontline and ITVS is also available for $250 to purchase or $75 to rent. Please contact for more information.

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