The Flute Player

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Director/Producer: Jocelyn Glatzer

Co-Producer: Christine Courtney


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Nearly 30 years ago, Pol Pot overtook Cambodia and more than one million people perished in the Khmer Rouge’s brutal “killing fields.” Many others were forced into unspeakable acts in order to survive; Arn Chorn Pond is one of these survivors. Now, after living in the United States for 20 years, Arn is a musician and activist, traveling the country and giving lectures on human rights. He is also on a mission to reconcile the demons of his past.

THE FLUTE PLAYER chronicles his return to Cambodia, where he has launched a master musician project to revive the traditional music that disappeared under the Khmer Rouge. A complex and moving film, it reveals the history and tradition lost to Arn’s generation and the search for healing and forgiveness in a country wounded by war.

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