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We’re LOVING all your photos from #MyAPALife. Check em’ out!

We’re LOVING all your photos from #MyAPALife. Check out some of them below, and here! Be sure to tag @PBS and @CAAM on your pics!

Name: Dan Chen Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA What do you do? I’m a filmmaker in Los Angeles. My life has been a process of opening up my perspective. Growing up in the Midwest, I consumed movies as my window into American culture, and made friends in my small town through pop culture and filmmaking. Coming to LA, I became aware of a larger world, befriending other Asian Americans for the first time, as well as the larger community of Americans made up of every shade of skin color, each with different backgrounds and perspectives. I would have conversations with friends who offered that any movie with an Asian American protagonist would be an “Asian” movie, rather than an “American” movie. My life has been a rainbow of people of all colors, orientations, and world views, and it was hard to swallow the fact that many people would view my attempts at universal storytelling as niche or special interest. However, after meeting other artists who make work that speaks to their identity, I’ve been inspired to embrace the things that are unique about me. Through specificity, we can communicate intimately. My goal is to continue to learn about the world, tell untold stories, and support other artists who are doing the same. Share what you do.

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I think I really Nailed my last minute Halloween costume on a freelance shoot #cuponoodles 🍜 #myapalife

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Popiah allday errday, courtesy of the mama. 😍😊#myAPAlife A post shared by lin (@linnn11) on


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