Thank You for Supporting CAAM’s 2016 Annual Appeal Campaign

Photo by Jay Jao.
Thank you to everyone who supported CAAM's 2016 Annual Appeal campaign! Due to your support, we raised $11,459.

Thank you to everyone who supported CAAM’s 2016 Annual Appeal campaign Stories to Light, Stories that Unite! Due to your support, we met and exceeded our campaign goal of $7,500, raising $11,509.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our 35th Anniversary CAAMFest (March 9-19, 2017) with you and continuing to celebrate diversity, build community, and share stories.

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous (8)
Ben Arikawa
Janice Aritomi
Paul Baidoa
Linda Blackaby, in Memory of Kayo Hatta
Peter Brantley and Anne Hirozawa
Adriano Bravo
Kathryn A. Chan
Ravi Chandra, M.D.
Douglas Chin and Kathy Ko Chin
Craig Chinn
Kay Gamo
Clifford Gaw
Jayasri Hart
Jennifer Huang
Billy Hwan
Bonnie Kwong
Frederick Lam
Edward Leung
Mui Lim and Leanne Koh
Elaine Lum
Pamela Matsuoka
Real Merican
Joe Naungayan
Ken Nakagawa
Mary Nicely
Nani Ratnawati
Rituparna Roy, in Honor of Priya Gupta
Ann Ruckstuhl and John Ruckstuhl, Jr.
Indigo Som
Renee Tajima
Priscilla Tan
Janet Tom
June Tom
Robert and Yvonne Uyeki
Edward Wong
Kevin Wong
Nicole Woo
Raymond and Kay Woon
The Honorable Bryan Yagi
Chi-hui Yang
Greg Yin, in Honor of Frank and Grace Yin
Palma You and Stephen Haines
Wallace and Laura Young
Michael Zimmernan

Please contact Jennifer Chu at, (415) 863-0814 extension 102 with any questions.