Comcast Narrative and Documentary Competitions at CAAMFest 2015

NUOC 2030
Announcing CAAMFest 2015's competition films.

2015 CAAMFest Comcast Narrative Competition
Presenting an array of compelling stories and charming comedic anecdotes, this year’s Narrative Competition includes Man-Up (dir. Justin Chon) a buddy comedy following two deadbeat friends forced to grow up quickly; NUOC 2030 (dir. Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo) a sci-fi crime mystery set in Vietnam, where global warming has lead sea levels to rise; and The Sisterhood of Night (dir. Caryn Waecther) a bold young adult thriller about three high school girls whose secretive friendship throws their small town community into a modern day witch hunt. Other competition films include Love Arcadia (dir. Lawrence Gan) a coming of age story of a young man’s journey dealing with the lessons of holding on, letting go and loving what you have; Miss India America (dir. Ravi Kapoor) about a young girl who is desperate to win at all costs; She Lights Up Well (dir. Joyce Wu) a dramedy that follows a struggling New York actress’ return home where she stumbles upon a sense of purpose; and Cicada (dir. Dean Yamada) a moving portrait of an introverted schoolteacher whose discovery of his infertility leads him to a greater appreciation of his surrounding relationships.

The Last Season
The Last Season

2015 CAAMFest Documentary Competition
The Documentary Competition features seven unique Asian and Asian American stories including several CAAM funded and produced projects. This year’s documentaries include: 9-Man (dir. Ursula Liang), the story about a gritty Chinese-only street-ball game born in the alleys and parking lots of local 1930s Chinatowns; All Eyes and Ears (dir. Vanessa Hope), a complex and timely exploration into the links between U.S and China through the eyes of U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman and his adopted Chinese daughter Gracie Mei; and Changing Season: On the Masumoto Family Farm (dir. Jim Choi) documenting a transitional year in the life of famed peach farmer David “Mas” Masumoto and his relationship with his daughter Nikiko. Also included are, The Last Season (dir. Sara Dosa) following a Cambodian freedom fighter and a refugee as they form a new family in their hunt for rare matsutake mushrooms; Tashi’s Turbine (dir. Amitabh R. Joshi) about two young friends trying to fulfill their dream of bringing sustainable wind energy to a small village in Upper Mustang, Nepal; Top Spin (dir. Sara Newens and Mina T. Son) examining the story of three young kids fighting their way through the challenges of the ping pong world to fulfill their Olympic dreams; and Tough Love (dir. Stephanie Wang-Breal) an intimate, inside look at two parents navigating the American child welfare system to reunite their families.

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