Thank you, Donors!

The results are in! Thanks to you, we are starting the new year stronger than ever.

The results are in! Thanks to you, we are starting the new year stronger than ever. CAAM received generous donations from over 84 supporters and we raised $15,500—double our original goal of $7,500—through our end-of-the-year crowdfunding campaign Amplify Stories to Light. We can’t wait to share more diverse and compelling Asian American stories with you in 2015.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign, including:
Eddie Ahn
Marissa Aroy and Niall McKay
Lalit Balchandani
TJ Basa
Linda Blackaby
Akira Boch
J.P. Chan
Ravi Chandra, M.D.
Momo Chang
Eunice Chee
Theresa Chiu
Jason Chu
Jennifer Chu
Derek Chung
Gabriel De Guzman
Dipti Ghosh* and Meggy Gotuaco
Ramona Diaz
Arthur Dong
Angela Echiverri
Melanie Elvena
Michelle Fajardo
Stephen Gong
Adam Hartzell
Paul Huang
Tim Huey
Kathy* and Young Im
Bill Imada*
Robert Jittrikawiphol
Liz Keim
Sylvia Komatsu and George Stone
Lin Kung
Roger Kuo** and Julia Wong
Bonnie Kwong
Lloyd LaCuesta* and Mona Lisa Yuchengco**
Sierra Lee
Wei Lee
Jan Lecklikner
Claudia Leung
Deann and Paul Liem
Ling Liu
Debbie Lum
Robert Luna
Marisa Mariscotti
Pamela Matsuoka
Trudy Miller
Nicole Minor
Atsushi Murase
Mona Nagai
Debbie Ng
Whitney Ng
Bao Nguyen
Emiko Omori
Leroy and Claudia Quan
Brian Reyes
Nani Ratnawati
Yuriko Gamo Romer
Ann** and John Ruckstuhl
Julia Smith
Indigo Som and Donna Ozawa
Keiko and Richard Perri
Mina Son
Prem and Manjula Talreja
Victoria Taketa
Don Tamaki
Janet Tom
Jean Tsien
Bob and Yvonne Uyeki
Stephen B. Wilson, Jr.
Mark and Reiko Wimbush
Brenda Wong
Eddie Wong and Donna Kotake
Kevin D. Wong
Nicole Woo
Raymond and Kay Woon
Chi-hui Yang
Gar Yeung
Wallace and Laura Young
Philip Yu

*Current CAAM Board Member
**Former CAAM Board Member

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Main image: CAAM Executive Director Stephen Gong.