New Campaign For Film About Survivors Of Khmer Rouge Genocide

In 1983, when Mike Siv was 6 years old, he and his mother emigrated to San Francisco as refugees.

They were fleeing from the Khmer Rouge regime led by Pol Pot, which killed an estimated 1.7 million Cambodians, one of the most brutal acts of violence in modern history. His film “Refugee” (see trailer) documents his return trip to Cambodia, where he meets his father and brother for the first time and learns more about his family’s history.

“You are the living witnesses to one of the worst crimes in humanity and you cannot stay silent any longer. Today the power is in your hands and the world is listening.”
– Dr. Leakhena Nou to survivors

Mike Siv is now producing his second film with CAAM, Wounds We Carry which follows a group of Cambodians including survivors from the genocide, to witness the tribunals of aging leaders who are finally behind tried for their crimes. In their search for justice and closure, they interviewed former Khmer Rouge, more survivors and were even joined by a descendant of a Khmer Rouge leader.

Check out the pitch by Director Mike Siv below to support his Indiegogo campaign to raise post-production funds for the film. We hope you can join us in this campaign to help heal the wounds of Cambodia, and the survivors of the genocide.

Update: Check out our December 19 Google Hangout with Cambodian Americans, a survivor and Director Mike Siv: