Unforgettable Experience

by Darion Jefferson
2012 Student Delegate

My first glance at our schedule as student delegates shocked me, I wasn’t sure of what I was signing up for. The hours were long and I had homework. However I am glad I did become a student delegate for CAAMs International Asian American Film Festival. Shocked again, the atmosphere of the screening of White Frog combined with my exclusive delegate badge made me feel as if I was a part of something special and I was right. I learned that the Asian American Film festival is more than just a film festival. This festival taught me that there is more to Asian American culture than what is portrayed through the media. Although this is something that could be applied to all cultures it made more of an impact on me through this festival. Since the end of my last day at the festival I’ve questioned different traits of any race that is portrayed in movies I’ve seen. Being a delegate has helped me to become more aware of the twisted stereotypes of our country.

I appreciated the opportunities to have my questions answered by a film maker. To me there’s nothing better than getting insight directly from the creator. Meeting new people and networking was the biggest part of the festival. I was excited to get contact information that I could use utilize for future references. My goal was to meet a writer or director who shared the same interest and ideas as me and I did just that.

Bryan Q, the director of Bang Bang was thrilled to exchange emails and hear about my passion to bring my experiences to life. Of course I complimented his success on capturing that urban Asian lifestyle which gave a different perspective on Asian Americans.


Furthermore my favorite movie was Yes We’re Open by Richard Wong because I love comedies. It reminded me of “Superbad” with its explicit scenarios and language.


This may have been a once in a life time chance to have the privileges I had. I would definitely recommend the CAAM student delegate program. Thank you CAAM!

Chosen from a competitive pool of undergraduate and graduate students, the Student Delegates are a small but diverse group of students who undergo Festival “boot camp.” Guided by Festival staff, students participate in a rigorous schedule of film screenings, discussions, and exclusive meetings with filmmakers and special guests. The program aims to cultivate the next generation of filmmakers, activists, educators, and community leaders. See all of the 2012 Student Delegates here and their blog!

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