And Now, A Word From…

Our Sponsor Manager, Theresa! My Sponsor, My Friend: A Thanksgiving Sonnet.

2007 Trailer

Our Sponsor Manager, Theresa!

Whenever people ask what I do with the Film Festival, the easiest thing to say is, “I raise money.” Truthfully, I think it’s a little more than that. I like to think of myself as, for lack of better words, a “Thanks-giver.”

Like a Pilgrim?

Not exactly.

Think of it this way:

Because companies like Comcast, Cathay Pacific and Macy’s continue to believe in our mission and sponsor the SFIAAFF, I find ways to thank them through Film Festival branding and marketing opportunities.

Likewise, because audience members like you continue to attend the SFIAAFF in growing numbers, I find ways to thank you all by finding support from the kind of companies that recognize the very real need to share our community’s stories.

As we prepare for the 26th SFIAAFF, we look forward to thanking you, the audience member, with great films, events and a festival experience you’ll never forget.

And to our Sponsors –past, present, and future- I want to show you my appreciation in a way I never have before.

With poetry.

My Sponsor, My Friend: A Thanksgiving Sonnet
November 2007

WARNING: My sonnet might not be in iambic parameter or follow a Shakespearean rhyming pattern. BUT it’s not a real sonnet-sonnet; it’s like a pretend sonnet.

You might see their ad in our Guide
Or might get their swag with your show
In the theatre, you might see their slide
Or notice their badge down the row

On our page, you might click on their link
And see that we’re tagged on their site
At parties, you sip on their drink
And see their brand on the invite

Now maybe you are a bit wary
About corporate support to the arts
But know that our sponsors help carry
The films that we show to your hearts

They work to fund the panels, films and galas you attend
So thank the corporate patron – our sponsor and our friend