Anteeniya Bell, CAAM’s Development Associate

Development Associate
Telephone: 415-863-0814 x102
Email: abell [at] caamedia [dot] org

Anteeniya Bell (they/she) is the Development Associate at the Center for Asian American Media. A recent graduate of San Francisco State University, anteeniya seeks to investigate the pervasiveness of anti-Blackness in the built environment, aiming to improve community-based power and ecological well-being to create more livable environments for Black, Indigenous, and people of color in cities. Previous to CAAM, anteeniya worked at the Oakland Museum of California.

As a writer and abstract painter, anteeniya is interested in creative arts as tools of urban justice and racial equity – connecting art, design, community activism, and urban history in space.  They have showcased their art at the Summer of Love Festival in partnership with People’s Park and Soulstice Bay Area in 2021.

Anteeniya is also an Arcus Social Justice Corps (ASJC) Fellow at UC Berkeley, where they are completing a Master’s of City Planning at the College of Environmental Design.

In their free time, anteeniya enjoys reading speculative fiction, knitting, and watching Korean cooking videos.