CAAM presents a new podcast “Of Place and Home”



What does home mean to you? Have you ever felt out of place?

In CAAM’s latest series, discover stories of place and home through the lens of Asians in the United States and around the world. Each episode brings to light the unique way our diverse communities interpret and inhabit place, identity, and creativity.

Journey home with us and meet musicians, entrepreneurs, comedians, directors, and those who defy categories.


Take a listen to the first episode of “Of Place and Home” featuring Tim Chang. Tim is a seasoned venture capitalist, accomplished musician and bassist for the Punjabi-funk band Black Mahal. And in the photograph above, you can see Tim working his magic with his band mates during our SFIAAFF 2011 opening night gala!

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  • Patriciag039

    I really liked this interview. I could truly relate to this musician. He made it big but had to confront so many obstacles to make it.!
    Patricia Gras
    Keep up the great work.