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This site was created to bring us face-to-face with those who experienced the World War II internment of Japanese Americans - a critical part of 20th century American history still largely unknown.

Here, more than two dozen short video clips from some of the best films available on the subject are featured along with brief historical text and images to illuminate the people, places, voices and circumstances that are part of this history. (Please see the Help page for software requirements and troubleshooting in viewing clips.)

Three broad sections present a chronological overview of internment and it's impact. We highly recommend browsing through the site chronologically, starting with the World War II and Roundup section:
  • World War II & Round Up
    Explore the causes of internment, the mass roundup and relocation, and the FBI raids on Japanese Americans.

  • The Camps Experience
    Explore life in the camps, the moral and legal issues, and how some internees served in the military, while others refused to be drafted.

  • Post-War & Impact
    Explore the end of internment and resettlement, the long struggle for justice and reparations, the ongoing impact today, and the possibility it could happen again.

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Each of these sections contains 7 - 10 pages which focus on key historical events or themes related to internment. The presentations are further enriched with documents, photos, poetry, diaries, audio resources, weblinks and more which encourage you to "revisit" history.

All the videos used on the site are available to purchase or rent. We encourage you to use them in your classroom, library, church or community groups to continue this exploration into the lessons of internment for all Americans.

The other sections of the site, with more information and resources are:

  • Discussion Questions for "Exploring the Japanese American Internment through Film & Internet"
  • Sample classroom activities from "Rediscovering Our Histories" video curriculum package
  • Other curriculum resources.

  • Videos from NAATA Distribution
  • More Videos on the Internment
  • Web-sites on the Internment
  • Publications
  • Resources on Racial Profiling & Anti-Asian Violence
  • Post 9/11 Resources

  • Ideas on planning your own Day of Remembrance
  • Listing of Day of Remembrance and related events
  • Resource links for DOR

    Provides information on NAATA (project producer), the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (project funder), copyright information, video and audio programs used in this Web-site, and site credits.

    For software requirements and troubleshooting in viewing video clips



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