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This website was created as a public education resource for educators, students and the broader public.

Produced by the National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA), it utilizes a rich collection of video clips as a starting point for examining the many aspects and implications of the Japanese American internment. For more details on the site content, please see the Site Overview.

About NAATA and NAATA Distribution

Since 1980, the National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA) has been at the forefront of bringing Asian Pacific American media to the American public. The organization was formed to challenge the historical exclusion of Asian Pacific Americans from the media field and to counteract the distorted portrayals of Asians by mainstream press.

NAATA's mission is to present stories that convey the richness and diversity of the Asian Pacific American experience. In addition to educational distribution, NAATA fulfills its mission through national public television broadcasts (http://www.naatanet.org/apatv), presenting the annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and assistance and funding for media artists.

Recognizing visual media’s potential to educate, NAATA introduces high quality works by and about Asian Pacific Americans and Asians to schools and universities, libraries, museums and public television stations worldwide. The largest distributor of Asian Pacific American film and video in the world, the NAATA Distribution Catalog currently includes over 200 films, videos, audio works and books.

NAATA is a non-profit media arts organization supported with major funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

About the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program

Major funding for this web pilot project was received from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Fund.

The California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP) was created in 1999 as the result of the passage of the California Civil Liberties Public Education Act (AB1915) sponsored by Assemblymember Mike Honda. Its purpose is to provide competitive grants for public educational activities and the development of educational materials to ensure that the events surrounding the exclusion, forced removal and incarceration of civilians and permanent resident aliens of Japanese ancestry will be remembered and so that causes and circumstances of this and similar events may be illuminated and understood.

Build your Asian American Video Library!

All the videos used on the site are available to purchase or rent. We encourage you to use them in your classroom, library, church or community groups to continue this exploration into the lessons of internment for all Americans.

Incorporating this rich collection of videos into educational curricula and public programs can be a vital step to promote multiculturalism and prevent the recurrence of similar injustices in the future.

Institutional Use. Most of the videos and audio programs on this site are available to purchase or rent for institutional use either from NAATA Distribution or other educational distributors (distributor info is linked from the video clips). Institutional prices include public performance licensing for use in free public programming (e.g. classrooms, campus and library programs).

Home Use. Home use prices may be available for some of the titles. Please check with the distributors of each video for availability and prices (.

Video and Audio Clips Used:
No duplication or reproduction in any format is permitted without written authorization from NAATA and the filmmaker. Please contact NAATA Distribution at (415) 863-0814 ext 108.

  • Beyond Barbed Wire by Terri de Bono
  • Beyond Boundaries – Japanese American Redress and Reparations (audio) by Gina Hotta
  • Children of the Camps by Satsuki Ina
  • Concentrated Americans (audio) by Michael Yoshida and Jenni Morozumi
  • Conscience and the Constitution by Frank Abe
  • Days of Waiting by Steven Okazaki
  • Family Gathering by Lise Yasui
  • Hidden Internment by Casey Peek
  • History and Memory by Rea Tajiri
  • Let Us Not Forget from Never Give Up! (audio, CD) by Jon Jang
  • Meeting at Tule Lake by Scott Tsuchitani
  • National Day of Remembrance Public Service Announcement produced by gayle yamada of Bridge Media
  • Of Civil Wrongs and Rights – The Fred Korematsu Story by Eric Fournier
  • Rabbit in the Moon by Emiko Omori
  • Unfinished Business by Steven Okazaki
  • Why is Preparing Fish a Political Act? by Russell Leong
  • Yuri Kochiyama – Passion for Justice by Rea Tajiri and Pat Saunders

Site Credits
  • Project Director: Julie Hatta
  • Web Producer: Steve Ladd, Ladd Media
  • Additional Web Design: Jackson Hui
  • Concept Development: Asian Improv aRts, Ladd Media, Marie K. Lee
  • Web Production: Jim Choi, Hieu Ho, Vinay Patel, Nobu Sakamoto
  • Content Team: Lisa Asagi, Julie Hatta, Richard Katsuda, Lewis Kawahara, Pamela Matsuoka
  • Technical Advisors; Jim Choi, Marie K. Lee, Vinay Patel, Don Young
  • Educational Consultants: Richard Katsuda and Pamela Matsuoka
  • Archival Photos: Courtesy of National Japanese Historical Society
  • Other photos: Courtesy of Hiroshi Shimizu, Bruce Akizuki, Sox Kitashima

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Copyright Notices

The contents of this site are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

© National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA) and its licensed copyright holders as detailed below.

Printed versions of the web-site is permitted for classroom and free public education uses, provided NAATA copyright notice appears on all copies. Contact NAATA for details.

Text from "World War II & Roundup" and "The Camps Experience" sections excerpted and edited from Teacher's Guide: The Bill of Rights and the Japanese American World War II Experience, published by the National Japanese American Historical Society and the San Francisco Unified School District. All rights reserved © National Japanese American Historical Society.



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