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"Asian Crisis" performs multicultural musical tributes at 2001 Day of Remembrance program in San Francisco Japantown. Annual programs have included a cultural performance, keynote speaker, candlelight ceremony, procession and interfaith candlelighting. Click here for current Day of Remembrance event information.

Photo courtesy of Hiroshi Shimizu.
Each community or campus has its own style and rituals for remembering the date. This is a special time for honoring former internees in the community. Their participation can provide the most powerful educational moments.

Often, live cultural performances, films and keynote speakers highlight certain themes which organizers have identified for the event. DOR events are a great way to reach out to other sectors of the community.

Coming up with the annual DOR theme can generate a lively discussion on how the internment history is relevant today. Readings, attending a cultural event or screening a film which addresses internment or related issues can help to provide the context for brainstorming.

Questions such as the following can be the starting points:
  • Do we see our nation remembering the lessons of the internment?

  • Do we currently see any parallels to "war hysteria, racial prejudice and failure of political leadership" affecting Japanese Americans or any other groups of people?

  • How do we do broader public education on this history so that it becomes part of the American conscience?

After agreeing on a theme, there is an infinite variety of programming that can be done. Go to the Resources section for ideas for videos, exhibits, speakers and more.

If your organization, campus or class would like to organize a Day of Remembrance activity, you can email us for referrals to DOR organizers at: njahs@njahs.org.

Email us your event info to be listed here.



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Day of Remembrance

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