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Tule Lake Segretation

For different reasons, some in the camps answered "no" to both questions and were branded "disloyal." They were separated from the others and sent to Tule Lake Segregation Center in Northern California.


Meeting at Tule Lake

1:41 Min.


"Whatever we did here, the commitments we made, loyal or disloyal, compliance or resistance, yes or no...it was right..."

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Half of these people were 17 years of age or less, and had no choice but to follow their parents. Sixty-eight percent of the 18,000 Tule Lake inhabitants were Nisei (second- generation, U.S.-born children of Issei).

In November 1943, a mass demonstration and riot took place. The Army, 1,200 men strong, with eight tanks and tear gas, took charge for a period of two months.

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