Announcing The Winner Of The #OfftheMenuAsianAmerica Contest

After looking and drooling over all the submissions for the #OfftheMenuAsianAmerica contest, Grace Lee has chosen the two winners! Congratulations to the winners, who will receive gift cards to Williams-Sonoma, Umami Mart, and gear from MA’O Organic Farm and Banyan Foods!

First Place: Linda Shiue’s Sticky Rice Turkey Stuffing

“I love the combination of bold flavors, chinese sausage, shitakes,  and fried scallions and garlic —steam/cooked inside the bird.  The Asian flavors inside the all-American bird, plus Linda Shuie’s story behind it captures the authenticity of spirit of Asian American cooking from both sides.” — Grace Lee

Second Place: Valerie So’s Toisanese Turkey Jook

“I loved the simplicity of this recipe — the subtle flavors of the  turkey and rice porridge allows other flavors and accents to come to the fore.  The Virginia roasted peanuts were a great touch and this is something I know I could just walk into my kitchen and make immediately (and probably will — still have leftover turkey!)” — Grace Lee

Popular Vote Winner: Lynn Chen’s Ube Bread Pudding

The people have spoken!

Congratulations to all the winners and be sure to try out the winning recipes!