Hidden in Plain Sight

Tucked away among the rows of Henry Doelger homes—made famous by the ‘Weeds’ theme song “Little Boxes” written by Melvina Reynolds, who took inspiration from the homes for the song—in the sleepy Sunset district of San Francisco, you might happen upon a house with a fluorescent winking bird, glowing in the foggy evening. Step inside and be transported to a noisy converted garage, serving up Korean pub food and all the soju you can drink. As the night wears on, the room gets fuller, the crowds get louder and the alcohol more copious. This is one of the many hidden in plain sight Asian epicurean establishments in the San Francisco—the places that, if you’re not paying attention, blend into the landscape. These places range from hole-in-the walls and dive bars to places of history or an establishment with a unique ambiance you can’t find anywhere but there. Despite their relative invisibility, these places are some of the foundations and building blocks helping to shape the rich landscape that is the Asian American food scene. Enjoy!

Photos by Tyler Cuddy

Words by Ashlyn Perri

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